Modern digital audio mastering | Full Power of your music!

Contemporary digital audio mastering with the use of analogue elements. Your sound will not just get better!
After mastering your music sound good even when played on a cheap sound system, keeping all its artistic value,
and make it especially expressive when played on a hi-end system. This work is always aimed for the best result.

Your music will be carefully analyzed both from technical and artistic points of view.
The full potential of your creation will be revealed on 100%!

Let me create something special from your recordings, something
that will stay in your listener’s players for the long time!

Some music mastered by Kshatiy:

Mastering service prices:

€30 for a track of 10 min. maximum length.
€3 for each additional minute after the 10th.

Deadlines are specified individually.

To book a mastering session, please, contact me using this mail:

or message me via this social links:

Yours truly, Sergey Bulychev.